Your Guide to Purchasing
Residential Property


Purchasing a property can be exciting, but stressful, particularly if you are not familiar with the process.  Knowing exactly what is involved when buying a property will help you make the move into your new home with ease .


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What People Are Saying:

  • Mary Collier, PA

    PA to the head of a large commercial enterprise 

    The staff at Amorys have provided us with a whole range of advice including property law matters, planning and development issues and debt collection and I would have no hesitation recommending them

  • Alan Lyons

    Alan Lyons, Property owner

    Sharon and her staff have successfully provided me with a broad range of legal services over recent years. The staff assisted me in relation to a probate matter, a residential property purchase and sale and several short term business leases. Sharon and her staff are always available to take my call.

  • Dennis Cleary

    Property owner 

    Amorys Solicitors have provided invaluable legal advice to me over the years particularly in relation to my property.

By reading your free “Guide to Buying Residential Property” you will discover:


  1. The steps involved in buying a property in Ireland: from the moment a booking deposit is paid to when keys to your home have been handed to you.
  2. To-Do checklist before signing legally binding contracts.
  3. Insights into potential hidden costs of purchase
  4. Points to be aware of when buying an apartment.

A Note From The Author

Wendy O’Brien – MIILEx – Office Manager & Legal Executive
I have been working in the legal world since 1986, having worked in a number of solicitors’ offices, including one of the “top five” and also as personal assistant to Senior Counsel.  Since joining Amorys in 2003, I have immersed myself in the area of conveyancing, particularly residential, and have successfully helped very many people realise their dream of owning their own home. 
Over the years, I have seen numerous changes in the property business, most prominently so during the heady days of the “Celtic Tiger”, followed by the inevitable devastating downturn, both of which affected first time buyers in particular in very different ways.  Purchasers have been subjected to hugely inflated property prices resulting in impossible mortgage repayments and, sadly, all too often, negative equity.  Things didn’t get much better during the recession as whilst property prices slumped, mortgage providers became extremely wary and lending was at an all-time low.  Currently, in 2017, things are on a slightly more even keel, however there are still many pitfalls to be aware of when purchasing a property.  
So, please BE PREPARED and read our guide carefully and hopefully it will give you a clear insight as to what to expect.  
Wendy O’Brien


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