Data Protection & Privacy Law

Compliance for business with data regulation and privacy concerns is now a huge issue. We will provide a practical and step by step approach for you to ensure compliance with privacy law, data security, confidentiality and data protection for your organisation, customers and employees.

This is a rapidly changing area as new technological developments become current and are overtaken by others. Big data requires a significantly greater level of compliance for companies and where businesses are using large scale analytics. Security of data is essential.

We will advise you comprehensively on your obligations and guide you and your employees through this technical process to identify specific solutions to ensure compliance. We recently held a Seminar with the SBDA, Deputy Data Protection Commissioner and the Beacon Medical Group on practical aspects of compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation.

Recent transactions that we have been involved in are:

  • Advising businesses on steps towards compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation
  • Advising organisations on their obligations under data protection legislation to customers and exceptions applicable in a contentious situation
  • Advising an organisation on a data protection complaint from a trade union on behalf of employee members
  • Advising clients on compliance in contracts, websites, and outsourcing
  • Representing a client in a defamation and breach of privacy action

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