Public Law and Judicial Review

The area of public law which regulates the organisation, functions and procedures of public authorities is a growth area in the Irish legal system. The sheer extent and diversity of state authorities and third parties carrying out work on their behalves means that public law applies to a vast breath of sectors including planning, telecommunications and licensing, environmental, labour relations, procurement, transport, data and information requests and education to name but a few.

Public law applies not only to government departments and local authorities but other public bodies such as universities and trade unions.

Judicial review is the process used for challenging the lawfulness of decisions or actions taken by public bodies in relation to the rights of private individuals or businesses.

We have gained particular experience in advising public and private individuals on their powers, rights and obligations in relation to public law and judicial review. We provide strategic and specialist advice in the following specific areas :-

  • All aspects of local government and planning law including the rights and powers of local authorities, compulsory purchase orders, planning injunctions and Part V social housing requirements
  • The application of the Freedom of Information Act 2014 to public and semi-state bodies
  • The application of the Regulation of Lobbying Act 2015 to particular activities of an an organisation
  • Commercial judicial review, injunctions and procurement disputes
  • Information entitlements of under-bidders for public sector contracts in the tender process according to EC Directives on Public Procurement and Public Procurement Guidelines
  • State investigations and Inquiries
  • Education law
  • Access to social care

If you would like to receive advice on the application of public law in a particular situation contact us to arrange a consultation.

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