Wills, Probate and the Administration of Estates

We handle all aspects of wills, probates, the administration of estates according to the terms of a will or law and probate litigation in Sandyford and the Dublin area. In particular we have gained a particular expertise in the administration of cross border estates and in dealing with offshore trusts and international taxation issues.   As founding members of Lawyers Associated Worldwide , an international leading network of more than 95 full service law firms in 50 countries worldwide, we have the contacts available to deal with any cross border issues you may have.

In particular we deal with the following:-

  • Application for a grant of probate or a grant of administration where there is no will (i.e. in an intestacy situation)
  • Sale of property according to the terms of a Will
  • Providing advice in relation to tax that may be due on the receipt of a benefit (i.e. capital acquisitions tax and/or capital gains tax)
  • Establishing trusts, and administering same, in particular trusts for minor children or incapacitated persons
  • Dealing with any cross-border issues that may arise such as double taxation or the application of international law on succession

If you need advice on what to do once a loved one has died in terms of how to manage their estate and legal affairs do not hesitate to email us or call us.  One of our experienced solicitors will respond within 24 hours.

Why make a Will?

Because by doing so the client can ensure that his/her wishes as to the administration of his/her estate are carried out exactly as instructed. When a person dies intestate (i.e. without having made a Will) this can lead to significant problems amongst even the most congenial of families. This often leads to costly and time consuming litigation which could be avoided. To our younger clients, making a Will may seem somewhat premature and some may even consider it to be a little morbid but it is nevertheless the sensible course to take. Most importantly, where there are children involved, the client’s wishes as to their welfare and guardianship can be outlined.  It is also important to remember that as circumstances change an existing Will may require to be updated or changed entirely.

Remember, a well drawn-up Will can save your family considerable money and helps avoid family disputes.

We offer a competitive rate for the making of a straightforward Will.  When you contact us, we will send you a Wills Questionnaire together with our Guide to Making a Will.  Upon receipt of the completed questionnaire, we will advise you as to the cost of drawing up your Will on foot of your answers.

This initial service is free and until such time as you instruct us to actually draft your Will there will be no charge.  We will also store your Will safely for you at no extra cost.

Contact us and ask for a Wills Pack

Inheritance Tax

When making your Will, bear in mind that some or all of your beneficiaries may find themselves liable for a considerable payment of Inheritance Tax.  More information on this matter can be found here: http://www.revenue.ie/en/tax/cat/leaflets/cat2.html.  We will discuss this with you where relevant.

What is involved in probate or the administration of an estate?

Upon death, the affairs of a deceased person who leaves assets over a certain value can only be administered after a formal procedure has been followed. Where the Deceased died testate, i.e. leaving a will, this requires the extraction of a Grant of Probate from the Probate Office by the Executors of the Estate who are usually appointed under the will. Where the Deceased dies intestate, i.e. without a will, this involves extracting what is known as “Letters of Administration” from the Probate Office which is usually done by a member of the family.

Amorys has considerable experience in acting for Executors and Administrators and in dealing with complex national and international estates requiring the administration of assets in different jurisdictions. We also have considerable experience in dealing with litigation consequent upon the death of a family member, not only in Ireland but also in foreign jurisdictions. Due to our LAW network, Amorys has an extremely useful link to prestigious law firms in over 60 jurisdictions worldwide which has been of considerable benefit to us in the administration of complex estates with an international dimension.

Our expertise in this area also includes dealing with claims of disappointed spouses or children who may feel aggrieved by the terms of a will and may wish to seek advice as to the rights available to them under the Succession Act 1965.

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