Re-Mortgaging a Property in Ireland

The process of re-mortgaging is very often perceived in Ireland as a difficult process that may not be worth the hassle. This perception often arises from the experience of moving homes which people will often find to be a stressful experience. Re-mortgaging however can be a much more straight-forward experience.

With the current significant increase in the cost of living and current lower rates which the pillar banks have been offering, re-mortgaging may lead to significant monthly savings.

The vast majority of the work to be undertaken will be carried out by your solicitor who will take up your title deeds from your current lender, investigate title and arrange for the drawing down of your new mortgage as well as discharging the old mortgage. Typically, clients would be required to attend at our offices for the purpose of a re-mortgage on one occasion only to execute the necessary documentation.

It is also noteworthy, that whilst interest rates in Ireland are currently the second highest in the Eurozone, they have fallen dramatically in recent times. Arising from the decrease in rates and the entrance of new lenders into the market, the savings that can be made on the monthly repayments for a typical Dublin mortgage can be significant. From a financial viewpoint, there has never been a more opportune time to review your mortgage.

At Amorys, we will look after the majority of the process on your behalf. We have a large residential property department and have been providing legal advice in relation to residential property for in excess of thirty years. We offer fixed fee rates in relation to re-mortgaging.

If you would like any further information in relation to re-mortgaging or in relation to our residential property services then please contact Brian Kirwan at, telephone 01 213 5940 or your usual contact at Amorys.

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